Business Building Block Series

Business Building Block Workshop Series

Business Building Block workshops offer to help businesses upskill and develop their workforce. 

The topics covered are: 

  • Digital Marketing
  • Workplace Health & Wellness
  • Intellectual Property
  • Financial and Accounting

The Chamber is partnering with specialists with proven results to deliver the streams and we introduce them below.

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Presenter: Leon Jay, EthicallyMAD                     

Located in the centre of Trafalgar St, EthicallyMAD (which stands for Ethically Making A Difference) provides web development and digital marketing for socially responsible businesses, both nationally and internationally.

Grounded in the experience of its founder, Leon Jay (author of 5 business books, international speaker, and serial entrepreneur), we deliver digital marketing services and training that works.

We believe local businesses are the backbone of our community, delivering products and services that make our way of life possible. It was for this reason we decided to partner with The Chambers of Commerce, as they have been supporting local businesses longer than anyone.

With our knowledge and experience of online business, marketing and training, we aim to educate and help businesses to succeed at both local and international levels. Our focus is always on achieving clearly defined and measured results.

For a free, no sell consultation to discover ways your business could grow, visit  

Contact: Leon Jay, EthicallyMAD  Phone: 03 669 3663





Presenters: Gemma Newburn (Physiotherapist) & Dr Scott Newburn (Occupational Physician), Hemisphere Health  

Hemisphere Health are your workplace Health and Wellbeing partner, working with you to create healthy thriving workplaces that will shape New Zealand’s future.

As workplace Health and Wellness specialists we identify and resolve workplace health and injury problems before they become a cost to your business; we are the Medical Doctors, Physiotherapists and Counselors who can train and treat your team!

Hemisphere Health provides a proactive and complete care service for your people and your business, including;

  • Clinical Treatment for physical and mental health issues affecting work
  • Comprehensive Workplace Injury Clinic to support injured workers to stay at work as they recover, or if not possible return to work as soon as practical
  • Employment Assistance Programmes (EAP)/ Counselling Support
  • Leadership Training – Manual Handling & Mental Health Awareness
  • Pre-employment Medical Risk Assessments
  • H&S Policy and Procedure Development including wellbeing, injury management and return to work

Contact: Gemma Newburn (Physiotherapist) & Dr Scott Newburn (Occupational Physician)  Phone: 03 928 0080


Presenter: Ashlin Redpath, ipiphany Intellectual Property             

Ipiphany is a specialised New Zealand intellectual property practice founded by Trans-Tasman Patent Attorneys Andy Cable and Ashlin Redpath in 2008 with attorneys located in Canterbury and the Nelson/Tasman areas. We provide services and advice relating to Intellectual Property, specialising in Patent and Design rights.

Contact: Ashlin Redpath, ipiphany  Phone: 03 541 8621




Presenter: Manoli Aerakis, Malloch McClean                

At Malloch McClean we are your Business Development Team! We pride ourselves on helping business owners with the things that keep them awake at night. We do this by being there when it counts and providing business owners with what we call the big 3, Business Plan, Cashflow Forecasts, and Ongoing Quarterly Focus Sessions. Of course, we take care of the numbers too, but to really make a difference we are all about increasing business owner’s confidence so that they can achieve their business and personal goals.

Contact: Manoli Aerakis, Principal Phone: 03 545 6565