TDC business priorities meeting

Chamber members are invited to a meeting on Friday 8 April 2.30 -3.30pm at Knapps Lawyers, Richmond to meet with TDC Mayor Richmond Kempthorne and CEO Lindsay McKenzie to share business priorities.

As members may be aware, TDC are holding a series of meetings to discuss the Annual Plan and the Chamber has requested a meeting with our members to ensure that the voices of business are heard in determining the Council priorities for the year.

TDC have stated that “Because we plan to stay on track with the Long Term Plan programme, and not make any significant changes to proposed rates and debt, we’re not undertaking formal consultation. But we will be inviting people to let us know:

Are there projects you would like us to consider in the next rounds of planning (2017/2018, and Long Term Plan 2018-2028)?

Are there things we could do better, or more or less of in the future?

Are you happy with our approach to engagement on this Annual Plan?”

Please confirm your attendance and it would be helpful if you provide comment in advance on the progress (or lack of) on these issues members have previously prioritised:

  • Need for a regional approach to planning, council investment and support for economic development
  • More investment and support to ensure adequate infrastructure, including:
  • A resilient and reliable road network – including support for another road into the port
  • Water – affordable and fair funding model for the Waimea Community Dam and in particular the level of contribution by TDC
  • Flood protection and storm water – progress on the upgrade and the impact of that on businesses
    • A ‘business friendly approach’ including:
  • A combined, consistent approach from TDC and NCC to land development including the issuing of consents
  • Funding for outwardly focused promotion of our region, in particular for the Nelson Regional Development Agency.

The more specific we can be on business priorities the better!  Look forward to your comments and to seeing you on Friday 8 April at 2.30pm

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