RMA Reform Welcomed

Chamber members have consistently complained about the fragmentation of the current system, where different rules apply in Nelson and in the Tasman district, the time and costs involved in the current planning and consenting processes and the lack of a can do attitude.  The Chamber welcomes the recognition from Hon Dr Nick Smith, Minister for the Environment of these areas of concern.

In his speech on 21 January outlining 10 areas for reform of the RMA the Minister identified the need for “stronger national consistency and direction” and to “redesign the paper based planning and consultation systems for today’s age of the internet”.  He also noted that a change in culture is required among Council officials, saying “we need officials to be practical and to appreciate the impact of the time and costs of how they administer the RMA”.

The Chamber looks forward to working with our members in developing our submission on the RMA reforms as they work their way through the parliamentary system.