Proposed changes to temporary work visas

Just before Christmas the NZ government published an all-important Cabinet Paper on proposed changes to temporary work visas, inviting submissions by 5pm, 18 March 2019.
At a very high level, here is what employers and migrant workers can expect in the future:

  • more paperwork, red tape and fees for employers
  • even more focus on employer compliance with immigration and employment law
  • tougher labour market tests particularly for the low-skilled occupations as well as those industries that are heavily reliant on migrant labour
  • even greater scrutiny of roles to ensure no abuse of the immigration system

Overall, these proposed changes could mean that employers would have a much higher onus to provide information in preparation of employing migrant workers. As part of this process, employers would need to demonstrate to Immigration New Zealand that they have good track records and comply with New Zealand’s employment and immigration laws.
Here is a link to the Govt’s summary of the proposals:
We encourage employers to carefully review the Government’s proposed changes and to participate in the consultation process. Pitt & Moore Lawyers are happy to assist employers with the preparation of written submissions. For more information contact Nick Mason, Associate Pitt & Moore Lawyers 03 548 8349 or