Canterbury rebuild briefing

There’s still plenty of opportunity left in the Canterbury rebuild but the dynamics are changing – that’s the message that Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce chief executive Peter Townsend has delivered to Nelson businesses.

Some of his key messages to members of our Project group were;

  • The rebuild is only about 45% complete
  • Christchurch is consistently spending an extra $100m a week and this is expected to continue for the next three to four years
  • The dynamics of the residential rebuild are changing with tradespeople now having to work directly with homeowners rather than insurers
  • Commercial rebuild is also moving to a new phase
  • Businesses are relocating to the centre city, although it’s not necessarily the same ones that were there before
  • New facilities like that Margaret Mahy playground are attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors
  • Some inner city investors are holding off until decisions are made on the cathedral and convention centre
  • Cera ceases to exist on April 18 and will be taken over by four entities (including one headed by Ross Butler of Nelson)
  • The private sector has raced ahead of the government sector on the rebuild
  • The Christchurch that’s evolving will be a safe, eclectic, energy efficient and well-functioning city
  • Population decrease, economic upheaval and capital flight are all myths

We’ve split Peter’s talk into four videos which you can view;

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