Awards FAQs

What are the Business Awards?

The Nelson Tasman Chamber of Commerce established the business awards in 1988, to celebrate business success and promote business excellence in the Nelson Tasman region.

Why did you introduce new categories in 2018?

In early 2018 we surveyed our members about the business awards. We received some great feedback which has shaped the changes in the categories. We feel the revised categories reflect our members’ feedback, and are more inclusive of all aspects of business excellence in our community.

Do I need to be a member of Nelson Tasman Chamber of Commerce to enter?

No, the Chamber welcomes entries from all businesses in the region regardless of their membership status.

Is there help available to enter?

Yes, the Chamber runs seminars to provide advice and help to entrants. These seminars are generally held in May and June. If you would like help or advice with entering, please don’t hesitate to contact the Chamber. 

What will I get out of entering?

It will help you focus on your business, giving you a clear strategy and provide you with a well thought-out business plan. It provides you with a solid document that you can use for tendering processes, finance and marketing material. It also gives you an opportunity to promote your business. Past winners regularly talk about how entering the awards has helped boost their business profile and give staff a sense of pride in their workplace.  

How much time will it take to put my entry together?

If you already have business and marketing plans, you’ll be able to use a lot of the information in those documents. If you do not have these documents, this is a great opportunity to get all the information in your head on to paper. We advise you do allow plenty of time to get your entry together. You are welcome to get in touch with us if you would like contact details for people who could assist you with your entries.

Can a not-for-profit business enter?

Yes. Explain how your funding is obtained, the criteria to which your charter or constitution requires you to operate, challenges you face in meeting your goals and objectives while retaining your special not-for-profit status. In 2018 we introduced a category specifically for programmes, projects, campaigns or an overall business that has had, or continues to have a positive impact on the Nelson Tasman community in a way that inspires others and makes a difference.

Do I need to get a professional to put my entry form together?

Absolutely not. Some entrants do use professionals to assist them with telling their story, but you can definitely put it together yourself. In fact, we encourage entrants to do that, as it helps to give the judges a feel for you and your business. All entries must now be submitted online. You can upload videos and documents as part of your online entry, and we encourage you to put forward as much information about yourself as possible to showcase your business personality. 

How do I enter?

The entry form is online.  You download it (Word doc) and save it to your device.  Once you have populated it, save as a pdf and upload it on to our website along with any accompanying documentation, videos and images. Please read the award categories page and the How to Enter page carefully before starting your entry.

Who gets to see my entry? Is it confidential?

It is confidential. Judges individually sign a confidentiality agreement. 

How does the nomination process work for Business Person and Young Business Person of the Year categories?

If you know someone who you think deserves to be nominated for Business Person and Young Business Person of the Year, fill in their details on our nomination form. We’ll ask for your details too, but please note the person you are nominating will not receive notification that you have nominated them. We’ll get in touch with the nominee to let them know once nominations have closed.

Do I have to attend the Awards dinner?

All entrants are expected to be represented at the awards dinner on Friday 1 November 2019. Winners are not advised of their success prior to the presentation of the awards. The dress code is black tie. The evening starts at 6.00 pm and includes a 3 course meal, and finishes late.

Reward your staff by having them attend or use it as an opportunity to host clients.

Do I have to submit detailed financial information as part of my entry? 

In 2018 we made a change to the way you are required to submit your financial information. You will be asked to provide a short statement provided by your accountant to verify that your business is trading, liquid and profitable, and confirm your turnover for the previous financial year. The financial requirements are slightly different for those business entering the Emerging Business category.

This was my first year in business and I made a small loss – will this count against me in my entry?

No, it won’t. As an emerging business the judges will take into account the fact that your first year in business will have additional expenses, less turnover etc.

When do entries open and close?

Please check our Key dates page for this information. It changes slightly from year to year. 

Who are the 2019 judges?

The 2019 judges are the same illustrious business people to be involved as last year. 

How can I be a sponsor of the 2019 Business Awards?

Nelson Pine Industries is our main sponsor, but please contact Ali Boswijk if you would like to be part of this prestigious, Nelson Tasman Business Event of the Year (self-appointed category winner).