Investing in People and Performance Management

Presented by Kay Chapman of Chapman Employment Relations, this Business Building Block workshop looked at how to get the best out of your staff. 

Kay Chapman BBB1Contracts

  • Your paperwork has to be right otherwise it can come back to bite you
  • Fix term contracts should state the reason for being fixed term
  • For the majority of disputes that arise, it’s caused by a gap in understanding between the employee and employer.

Employing Staff

  • Values are the one thing that you can’t shift in 99% of people so it’s important to recruit staff that share the values of your organisation
  • Always ask a question in interview stage about what instances that person would be prepared to break the rules
  • Spend time, energy and effort getting to know them as an individual
  • Make sure your staff know your organisation’s values – put them in their job description, business plan, up on the wall on their computer wallpapers or whatever you can
  • When staff are coming onboard, that’s you best opportunity to align values
  • Lead by example.

“If you are the values and beliefs of an organisation you work for, you are far more likely to stay.”

baby-chick-and-an-egg_4473966_lrgHappy chickens lay more eggs.”


  • Anything you walk past and don’t address – that’s the standard you set
  • Think about how you raise issues with staff and choose your words carefully. Eg To start a sentence with “You always do…” will prompt at response, “I don’t always…” and then the whole conversation becomes focused on that.
  • Don’t save everything up for a feedback meeting
  • Don’t eyeball your staff the whole time in an employment meeting – that’s incredibly intimidating
  • Limit your feedback to no more than three points
  • Make it two-way communication using a piece of paper. If your employee says something, note it to show you’re listening to them.
  • Keep performance appraisal meetings to 25% of what’s happened and 75% of what’s going t happen in the future

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