Energy Savings


Energy savings a new offering from the Chamber

Spending $1500 or more on your electricity or gas?

Last year Nelson Tasman Chamber of Commerce entered into a partnership with Saveawatt, an energy procurement company. Their market knowledge and in-depth analysis means that they’re well positioned to find the best deals to suit the specific energy needs of businesses. Their ‘bulk tender’ process means that by joining in, 25 energy retailers across New Zealand are put on notice of your potential custom. Saveawatt’s ‘No savings/No fee’ offer means they only get paid if they negotiate savings for your business. Their one-off procurement fee is 25% of total projected cost savings.

Why is my Chamber of Commerce involved?

Two reasons:

  1. We exist to unlock business vitality in Nelson Tasman, and many of our members face set costs that are prohibitive to growth. Saveawatt procures real cost savings on gas and electricity and that’s positive for the business community. There are already businesses in Nelson Tasman benefitting from this service.
  2. Savewatt would be servicing this region regardless of Chamber involvement. This partnership offers a funding opportunity for the Chamber as we get a small margin of the one-off fee charged by Saveawatt. (Remember, they only charge this fee if they secure the savings). This additional revenue opportunity though modest, still helps us fund the work we do locally in unlocking business vitality; the membership and business support services we provide, business upskilling workshops, advocacy, networking events, business awards and the many workstreams involved in delivery.

How can I save?

Even if you already have a contract, Saveawatt may be able to help you.
If you’re spending $1500 or more per month on gas or electricity, it’s as simple as supplying us with copy of a recent energy account and we’ll liaise with Savewatt to see if they can save you money on your energy rates. 

Email a copy of a recent power account to: