Don’t wait for an emergency to get your business ready

Last week was Business Continuity Awareness Week. Did you take any steps to make sure your business is ready to get through an Emergency?

It’s not too late. Putting time into planning for emergencies makes good business sense — it helps keep staff safe and minimises downtimes. It’s also a legal responsibility.

Being prepared for an emergency or disaster can:

·         save lives and prevent harm

·         help businesses to continue trading through hardship

·         give staff and owners confidence

·         protect equipment and premises

·         quickly get businesses running again.

No one expects you to be able to plan for every kind of emergency. But depending on your industry, you should have a good idea of risks you face at work.

To get started or update your plans, check out the website and download Shut Happens, a great resource from Resilient Orgs with simple steps to help your business get through.