Doing business with China

China is a massively growing market, both in terms of trade and visitors to NZ. Here some statistics and information for businesses looking to capitalize on that.

Christchurch Airport chief executive Malcolm Johns told our Aspire Conference this year that the Chinese visitor market had gone from 2.3% in 2010 to 13.8% last year and is expected to hit 25% in three years. Some other interesting stats;

  • 52% are under 44 years old
  • 60% are female
  • 86% are travelling alone

He said urged tourism operators to learn and understand the cultural differences. The Chinese go for much shorter, all-inclusive experiences. “China works like a river and you’ve got to work out how to get into that.”

NZTE and the NZ China Trade Association recently held some Chine e-commerce workshops in Auckland and Christchurch. This included presentations on things like consumer trends/behaviour, how to reach and engage the customer, social media and seo optimisation, data-driven success and operational realities. Click here to see these presentations.