Customer Service and Management Systems

Presented by Christine Hatton of Sales DNA, this Business Building Block workshop looked at how the customer has changed in the last five years and how businesses can adapt and implement a service framework that creates a uniformly positive experience for customers. 

Christine Hatton BBB

Customers have changed. They are;

More vocal
More knowledgeable
More demanding


Consumers use an average of 10.4 sources of info to make a purchase decision.
Price is not as important as you think.
Four out of five decisions are influenced by word of mouth. Happy customers build brand awareness
50% of customers leave a company every five years.
One sure sign of a deteriorating business is that you don’t get complaints.











Dealing with complaints

  • Always use the customer’s name
  • Always thank them
  • Apologise for the problem
  • Understand the problem
  • Move immediately
  • Over compensate
  • Check the customer is satisfied
  • Take steps to improve

What makes a good salesperson?

A survey of 400,000 top salespeople identified five different personality types. Only 7% of high performers were “relationship builders”. The big group were “challengers” These are people who think outside the square, they bring new ideas and challenge thinking.

Only 7% of what you say is the words. The rest of tone and pitch.

The more you know about a customer, the more you can connect and the more likely they are to become a raving fan of your company.

*Christine began her career as a teacher and held roles as Sales Manager, General Manager, North Island Regional Manager and Director of Sales Training for Mediaworks Ltd before starting Sales DNA. She provides regular sales training to business nationwide through the Sales Training Company.