Register now for 2018 Business Building Block workshops

Registrations are open for the first of our 2018 Business Building Block Workshops. 

The first workshop, Top tips for networking, is an interactive and fun way to learn how to make the most of networking opportunities to grow your business. Presented by ANZ Business Training Manager Stephen Caunter, this evening workshop on Wednesday 28 February is not to be missed.

Our next workshop SalesRICH is presented by Action Coach Bruce Wilson and teaches down to earth, apply-the-next-day sales techniques and knowledge for business owners and salespeople who sell for a living.

This is a great workshop to learn how to understand and connect with the prospects you are talking with, ask the questions so they sell themselves and deal with objections before they happen! Wednesday 7 March at 9.30am.

Register for both Business Building Block workshops here.


Apply as a SheEO Venture

SheEO is transforming how we finance, support and celebrate women-led ventures that are creating a better world. Are you IN?

SheEO is a disruptive economic model created by Vicki Saunders of SheEO.World designed to actively support a small number of women-led ventures with no-interest loans.

Theresa Gattung is behind the launch of SheEO in New Zealand, the first time it has been launched outside the US and Canada.

How does it work?

You can be an Activator or a Venture or both!

Basically, 500 female Activators in NZ, through an act of radical generosity, contribute $1,100 each ($1,000 invested to create a perpetual fund and $100 as a program fee) to create a funding pool of $500,000. I’m in! Find out more about becoming an Activator.

The second part of the model is about the Ventures.

The 500 Activators vote to select the top 5 Ventures out of all those that have applied. The money is then loaned out at no interest to those ventures chosen and paid back over a five year period. Selected Ventures not only get the funding, but access to mentoring, women’s networks, buying power and expertise to grow their business.

Take a look at Theresa on Seven Sharp.

Apply as a Venture NOW!

It would be fantastic to have a Nelson Tasman business selected as a Venture, but you’ll need to get in quickly! Applications close on 12 January 2018.

To apply as a Venture is simple, just answer 12 questions online.

The Top five Ventures will be announced in April 2018.

Dec edition of Commerce Comment out now!

The latest issue of Commerce Comment is out now!

This issue features our 2017 NPI Supreme Business Award winners, Abel Tasman Canyons, and their reaction to the big win on the night. 

We also meet Matthew and Julene Cropp, founders of Bees Brilliance natural skincare products and recipients of funding from the Regional Business Partner Scheme.

We’ve also included a teaser on what you can expect from the Chamber in 2018 – improved networking offerings, stronger advocacy, and a significantly expanded Business Building Block series. It’s going to be a bumper year next year!

Click here to read the latest issue.

Chamber Board member a Kiwibank Local Hero

Congratulations to Chamber Board member Nigel Andrews, who will be awarded a Kiwibank Local Hero Medal this week.

Kiwibank Local Hero Awards recognise the enormous contribution, sacrifice and commitment of Kiwis who selflessly work to make their local communities a better place. Nigel and his staff from his Z petrol stations volunteer their time to support a range of worthy causes.

Nigel is no stranger to winning awards; he was awarded ‘Nelsonian of the Year’ for business in 2015, and a Civic Award in 2016 for Leadership in the Community. Nigel is already proving to be an active member of the Board and we are lucky to have his skills and expertise as part of the Chamber.

Read the full article here.

Chamber Special General Meeting

The Chamber is holding a Special General Meeting as part of our Chapman ER Business After Five at FORD’s Bar & Restaurant at 5.30pm on Wednesday 13 December.
The Special General Meeting is to seek approval on proposed changes (in the form of voting on each proposed change) to the Chamber’s constitution regarding the appointment, election and re-election of board members, including the appointment of a fifth ordinary Board member.
Changes to the constitution are being sought to ensure:

  • it reflects current practice
  • there is a stable and appropriate level of governance for the Chamber
  • a robust democratic process is in place in the event a Board member resigns during his/her term.

Proposed constitution changes

1.      Additional Board member

The Board’s rationale for increasing the number of ordinary Board members to five is to provide the opportunity for the Board to be able to appoint a 5th Board member to provide specific knowledge, skills and experience to the Board. Appointing a Chamber member to a fifth ordinary Board member position will also provide an opportunity for a Chamber member to gain valuable governance experience. The fifth ordinary Board member will not have voting rights, and the Board is not obliged to appoint a fifth ordinary Board member if it feels it has sufficient skills and experience across all areas of governance.

Add new clause 9 (v) as follows:

The Board may invite members to attend and participate at Board meetings to provide the opportunity for those members to gain Board experience and to provide additional knowledge and experience to the Board. Such members do not have voting rights.

2.      Vice President appointments

The Board feels it necessary that they have the ability to appoint the Vice President/s from current Board members.  This ensures that anyone wishing to become Vice President must have had Chamber Board experience.

Add new clause 8 (b) (vi) as follows:

A Vice President must have served on the Chamber Board for a minimum of 12 months.

3.      Re-election / appoint President/ Vice President/ ordinary / Board members

Current practice has been, upon any position reaching the first 2 year term the Board has appointed them for an additional 2 year term for a maximum of 4 years in total.  The Board wishes the constitution to reflect current practice and also reflect typical tenure of Board members.

Remove references in each officer’s requirements, “shall hold office for a 2 year term and shall be eligible for re-election for a further term of 2 years for a maximum of 2 terms totalling 4 years”

Existing clause 8 (a) (i) to be changed to read as follows:
The President shall hold office for a four-year term and is not eligible for re-election.

Existing clause 8 (b) (v) is to be changed to read as follows:
The Vice Presidents shall each hold office for a four-year term and shall not be eligible for re-election as Vice President.

Existing clause 9 (iii) is to be changed to read as follows:
Ordinary members of the Board shall hold office for a four-year term and shall not be eligible for re-election as an Ordinary Board member.

 4.      Vacancies on Board

Should Item 3 (above) be adopted and the term is 4 years, if there was a death or a Board member resigns during his or her term, the Board can appoint someone to fill the vacancy. However, this person who is appointed by the Board should only hold the position until the next AGM, not as current wording suggests to the end of the term.

Existing clause 16 (iii) is to be changed to read as follows:

Vacancies other than the presidency occurring on the Board whether by absence from meetings or ceasing to be a member of the Chamber or a nominated representative pursuant to clause (i) hereof, death or resignation may be filled by the Board and such appointees shall hold office until the next Annual General Meeting.

Current constitution

You are welcome to read the current Nelson Tasman Chamber of Commerce Constitution.

We look forward to seeing you at the Chapman ER Business After Five. The Special General Meeting will take place at the beginning of the evening, followed by networking and celebrating a great year over Christmas drinks and nibbles.

If you haven’t already, please register for the Business After Five here.